The Sri Ramakrishna Temple with its beautiful sanctum sanctorum and spacious shrine hall stands as the nerve centre of Ashrama. The present temple was consecrated in the year of 1991 by the then President of the Ramakrishna Order Srimat Swami Bhuteshanandaji Maharaj. Daily worship, Arati and special pujas on direct disciples’ Jayanti are performed in the temple. Five major celebrations such as the Jayantis of Holy Trio, Guru Paurnima and Sri Sri Durga Ashtami are celebrated in  a bigger scale. Special worships and bhajans are conducted on birth days of eminent spiritual leaders. Sri Ramanama Sankirtana is sung in the evening of every Ekadasi day. The temple remains open every day from 5a.m to 12 noon and 3.30p.m to 8.45p.m.